Handmade Branchelette pouch in bovine leather.

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LA BRANCHELETTE, a lightweight leather handbag.

Color: caramel brown.

Zipper and spring ring in silver color.

Size: 22cm L x 16cm H x 6cm W


Important note.

In case you chose a metal bracelet make sure it matches the color of the metal parts of the pouch!

Please be aware that this leather bag is entirely made by hand so the size and the weight may slightly vary.

An original Sacresof design and concept. Made in Spain by Sofie.


How it all started.

While living in Abu Dhabi – UAE I was attending many networking events. You know, the type of events that start with a reception where you shake hands and distribute business cards while enjoying a refreshment. I was looking quit foolish when an Ambassador was asking for my card while is was smoking (i know its bad), holding a glass of wine and squeezing a clutch under my armpit with no table in sight! That challenge was definitely an opportunity to design a bag that would be the most practical and versatile pouch bag that I could dream of.


For ambitious and dynamic woman time is not just about money. It’s about a no-nonsense approach. We need to organise our day in a productive and effective manner. In order to safe some quality time and energy for our family and for ourselves.

The Branchelette handmade leather pouch bag has been tested since 2014 in many situations. It didn’t take long before I got hooked and started using it daily.

So here is why:

⇒ The Branchelette pouch bag is light, elegant and handsfree.

⇒ You can adapt it to your outfit thanks to the interchangeable bracelet, which at the same time serves as a piece of jewellery. You can order as many bracelets as you like.

⇒ The Branchelette pouch doesn’t ruin a ‘strapless’ dress with a chain strapped across your shoulder or bosom…..(one of the things that makes my buzzer go wild).

⇒ It stores all your necessities like wallet, phone & keys, always in reach and organised. You’ll always feel sharp and sassy. Needless to say that it can be used as a bag in bag.

⇒ No more car gymnastics since it will love to share your seat.

⇒ Not sure if it ever happened to you mums out there but when my child was still a toddler and i tried to lift her up, my bag would always dangle of my shoulder…and in the worst case scenario it would hit her in the face!


If you want to find out more about Sacresof and the lightweight leather handbag MADE IN SPAIN, La Branchelette…(INSERT LINK)

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