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The luxury shift

The questions:

While living for more than a decade in the U.A.E. my admiration towards luxury started to fade. At first I would feel overwhelmed by all the glitter but after a while you stop turning your head for a fancy car.

So I started to ask myself what is the purpose of luxury? Is it purely a status symbol, showing you belong to a select group. A form of achievement not to be noticed as mediocre. Exposing yourself to the world as a successful human being.
Does the majority really know what they are buying? Do they realize by whom, how or where it’s made?
I have often wondered why people would pay so much for a product that is often only worth a fraction.

Personal experience:

Years ago, I read an interesting article: “The Four Species of Wealthy Consumers”
In this study they identify 4 types of luxury buyers. Pretty funny finding out which ‘P’- group you belong to.

During my studies in fashion design (1998-2000), I was able to get a closer look at the apparel industry. Some professionals actually lifted up a curtain that opened my eyes. I struggled with value for money eversince and can’t comprehend why people waste so much money on a brand.  Your money is used to fund their jaw-dropping marketing campaigns to help them sell a product. A product that often doesn’t belong in the luxury goods department to start with!

The effect:

Designer brands often commercialize part of their collection, at the expense of their image and reputation. They become part of the mass consumption industry and loose the exclusive caracter. Consequently their popularity makes them end up in the counterfeit goods industry.

Personally, I believe that the true meaning of luxury is not only the incomparable quality. Whether it is a bag, a watch or a hotel room. The complete experience should be about the relationship between quality and ‘respect’. The importance lies in acknowledging and receiving it with grace and humbleness for what it represents. To appreciate the whole story behind it.

The shift is slowly happening so the true art or ‘savoir faire’ is becoming more important than the brand itself.
The authentic art of crafting a product form A to Z with the finest materials is being brought back to relive its true essence. Pure luxury.



Wauw…you are still here! Thank you for hanging in there since it is my very first blog which i wrote 2 years ago! Personal health issues have delayed publishing the website. Dispite the delay I’m still confident about the content of this topic.
I look forward receiving your comments and feedback.  By the way, I’m most probably an independant and liberated Proletarean 😉


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