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Slow Fashion

Lets face it, we live in a fast consumption climate.

The roads are crowded with trucks who deliver us tons of food and products. Food that we waste, clothes we hardly wear and products we barely use. I always wonder what actually happens with all this waste. Does it get dumped, shredded, re-purpased or is it send to people in need. Why do we need 10 different brands of milk or detergent? We are left with too many choises and at the end we waste to much precious time trying to figure out which one is the best.

This is the proof that the economy is doing pretty good in my opinion (allthough still many live on the street). Schools have a huge responsibility since we need to get educated at a young age in order to break the cycle. They need to confront their students with hard facts. Supermarkets need to motivate their customers by offering them a reward (like a small discount or coupon) when they use re-usable bags or bring their own containers/baskets. Before you know it they won’t forget to take their bags to the store.

Belgium is far ahead compared to the UAE and Spain. (lived 12 years in UAE and now almost 4 years in Spain)  I’m still shocked each time I get confronted. Lets behave with a certain level of conscience. Not like the other day when I drove behind a small truck that cleans up the streets and watching the driver throwing out an empty pack of sigarettes out of his window…the irony!

That said, I strive to make a difference. Every piece of leather has a purpose in my workshop. All the scrap is kept in baskets which I organize by color! I strive to make everything sustainable.

I never throw away my clothes, i rather pimp them up or give them to people in need. I never buy clothes that will look rediculous in a few years (trust me, pictures speak louder then words) My daughter’s clothes are always offered to family and friends and the left-overs are going to the special containers. I try to minimalize the use of plastic but sadly the market does’nt always give me the chance.

Wisdom comes with age … but in my case it’s also the confrontations that gave me insight. I am aware, I am worried and I am doing the best I can.
Dont go fast fashion…dare to be different…since YOU are unique.


  • 31 July, 2020

    Gracias por compartir. Ellissa Nicolais Kus

  • 12 August, 2020

    Hi, happy you like it. Yes this is my story and vision on slow fashion.


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